3024C Engine for CAAT Built Machines Service Manuals Set – 3 Manuals Set

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3024C Engine for Caterpilllar Built Machines Service Manuals Set - 3 Manuals Set

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This manual contains information for the correct operation and maintenance of your Caterpillar ENGINE, Include All Engine Specifications ,Systems Operation,
Testing and Adjusting And Disassembly and Assembly Of this engine . It also includes important safety information, engine and systems specifications, troubleshooting guidelines This 3 in one manual include 3 full manuals :
Engine Specifications - SENR5004-02
Systems Operation - SENR5005-03 Testing and Adjusting - SENR5005-03 Disassembly and Assembly - SENR5006-04
Pages: 276 Format: PDF Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Linux
Table of Contents SENR5004-02 Specifications INDEX  Engine Design 3 3 Fuel Injection Lines 4 4 Fuel Injection Pump 5 5 Fuel Injection Nozzles 6 6 Fuel Transfer Pump 7 7 Rocker Shaft 8 8 Valve Mechanism Cover 9 9 Cylinder Head Valves 10 10 Cylinder Head 13 13 Exhaust Manifold 15 15 Camshaft 16 16 Camshaft Lobe Lift Retainer Plate for the Camshaft Engine Oil Lines 18 18 Engine Oil Filter 19 19 Engine Oil Relief Valve 20 20 Engine Oil Pump 21 21 Engine Oil Pressure 23 23 Engine Oil Pan 24 24 Oil Suction Tube and Oil Strainer Water Temperature Regulator 25 25 Water Temperature Regulator Housing Cylinder Block 26 26 Crankshaft 27 27 Measure Wear on the Crankshaft Measure the Main Bearing Clearance Crankshaft Main Bearing Cap Connecting Rod Bearing Journal 30 30 Main Bearing Journal 31 31 Connecting Rod 32 32 Markings on the Connecting Rod Distortion of the Connecting Rod Piston and Rings 34 34 Markings on the Piston Piston Rings Pistons Housing (Front) 36 36 Gear Group (Front) 37 37 Flywheel 38 38 Flywheel Housing 39 39 Crankshaft Pulley 40 40 Belt Tension Chart 41 41 Fan Drive 42 42 Engine Lifting Bracket 43 43 Alternator and Regulator 44 44 Electric Starting Motor 45 45 Starting Motor Start Relays Coolant Temperature Switch 47 47 Engine Oil Pressure Switch 48 48 Glow Plugs 49 49 Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 50 50 SENR5005-03 Systems Operation INDEX  Engine Design 5 55 3024C Engine General Information 6 56 Engine Description Lifting the Engine 3024C Engine Model Views Fuel System 8 58 General Operation of the Fuel System Governor Fuel Injection Pump Fuel Injection Nozzles Fuel Transfer Pump Glow Plugs Air Inlet and Exhaust System 13 63 Cylinder Head And Valves Lubrication System 15 65 Cooling System 17 67 Basic Engine 18 68 Cylinder Head and Block Pistons and Connecting Rods Timing Gear Case and Gears Electrical System 20 70 Engine Electrical System Automatic Shutdown System Automatic Shutdown Conditions Charging System Components Alternator Regulator Starting System Components Solenoid Electric Starting Motor Other Components Circuit Breaker SENR5005-03 Testing and Adjusting Troubleshooting 25 75 Introduction Troubleshooting The Fuel Injection Nozzles On The Engine The engine is difficult to start or the engine runs rough. The engine exhaust has too much black smoke. The engine has lost power and the engine uses too much fuel. The engine is misfiring, running rough, or running poorly. Troubleshooting Fuel Injection Nozzles on a Nozzle Tester Back leakage The fuel injection nozzle does not inject fuel in the correct quantity or in the correct pattern. Troubleshooting the Engine The engine will not start. The engine starts and the engine runs for a brief period of time and the engine stops. The engine misfires or the engine runs rough. The engine runs evenly, but the engine loses power. The engine lacks power. The engine has excessive vibration. The engine has excessive combustion noise. The engine has excessive valve compartment noise. Engine oil is in the cooling system. Engine knock occurs. The rocker arm has insufficient movement and the valve lash exceeds the specification. A cylinder head valve is loose. Oil condenses at the exhaust. The valve lash is less than the required specification. Engine components have early wear. Coolant is in the engine oil. The engine exhaust has too much black smoke or too much gray smoke. The engine exhaust has too much white smoke or too much blue smoke. The engine has low oil pressure. The engine oil pressure is too high. The engine uses too much engine oil. The engine overheats. The exhaust temperature is too high. The starting motor does not turn or the starting motor turns too slowly. The starting motor turns, but the pinion gear does not engage the flywheel ring gear. The engine does not crank or the engine rotates slowly when the keyswitch is in the start position. The starting motor continues to run after the ignition switch is released. The pinion gear does not disengage after the engine starts to run. The alternator does not charge the battery or the alternator charge rate is slow or irregular. The alternator charges the battery to a voltage that is too high. The alternator is noisy. Fuel System - Inspect 40 90 Air in Fuel - Test 41 91 Engine Speed - Check 43 93 Finding Top Center Position for No. 1 Piston 44 94 Fuel Injection Nozzle - Test 46 96 Inspection and Cleaning of the Fuel Injection Nozzles Leakage Test Pressure Test Test for the Nozzle Spray Pattern Fuel Injection Timing - Check 50 100 Fuel Quality - Test 51 101 Fuel System - Prime 52 102 Fuel System Pressure - Test 54 104 Gear Group (Front) - Time 56 106 Air Inlet and Exhaust System - Inspect 57 107 Exhaust Temperature - Test 58 108 Measure the Exhaust Temperature Engine Crankcase Pressure (Blowby) - Test 59 109 Compression - Test 60 110 Compression Engine Valve Lash - Inspect/Adjust 62 112 Valve Lash Check Valve Lash Adjustment Valve Depth - Inspect 65 115 Valve Guide - Inspect 66 116 Engine Oil Pressure - Test 67 117 Engine Oil Pump - Inspect 68 118 Excessive Bearing Wear - Inspect 70 120 Excessive Engine Oil Consumption - Inspect 71 121 Engine Oil Leaks on the Outside of the Engine Engine Oil Leaks into the Combustion Area of the Cylinders Cooling System - Check - Overheating 72 122 Cooling System - Inspect 74 124 Cooling System - Test 75 125 Test Tools For The Cooling System Making the Correct Antifreeze Mixtures Checking the Filler Cap Testing The Radiator And Cooling System For Leaks Cooling System Conditioner Water Temperature Regulator - Test 81 131 Water Pump - Inspect 82 132 Piston Ring Groove - Inspect 83 133 Inspect the Piston and the Piston Rings Inspect the Clearance of the Piston Ring Inspect the Piston Ring End Gap Connecting Rod - Inspect 85 135 Distortion of Connecting Rod Inspect the Bearings and Piston Pin for Wear Connecting Rod Bearings - Inspect 87 137 Main Bearings - Inspect 88 138 Cylinder Block - Inspect 89 139 Cylinder Head - Inspect 90 140 Piston Height - Inspect 92 142 Flywheel - Inspect 94 144 Alignment of the Flywheel Face Flywheel Runout Flywheel Housing - Inspect 95 145 Face Runout (Axial Eccentricity) of the Flywheel Housing Bore Runout (Radial Eccentricity) of the Flywheel Housing Gear Group - Inspect 97 147 Alternator - Test 98 148 Battery - Test 99 149 Charging System - Test 100 150 Alternator Regulator Coolant Temperature Switch - Test 101 151 Electric Starting System - Test 102 152 Engine Oil Pressure Switch - Test 103 153 Fuel Shutoff Solenoid - Test 104 154 Glow Plugs - Test 105 155 Continuity Test Glow Plug Circuit SENR5006-04 Disassembly and Assembly INDEX 1 157 Fuel Transfer Pump - Remove 5 161 Removal Procedure Fuel Transfer Pump - Install 6 162 Installation Procedure Fuel Injection Lines - Remove and Install 7 163 Removal Procedure AND MORE ...


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