Detroit Diesel All Engines Models ECM tuning Service DPF EGR UREA DELETE

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Detroit Diesel All Engines Models ECM tuning Service DPF EGR UREA DELETE
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EGR - DPF - ADD BLUE Removal means to disable the exhaust gas recirculation valve, cancel the Regen system and eliminate the need to fill the UREA Tank.

As a result of shutting down the EGR valve, Diesel Particulate Filter and Urea,  the engine's last- and temperature-condition stays closed.
This modification was developed by Our Engineers to clear away several problems in countries that have to deal with a poor quality of Diesel.

When you dealing with a high amount of water in Diesel you will always have problems with the EGR valve , DPF and SCR. These problems result in a decrease of the engine's lifetime and then again that leads to visiting the garage quite often.

Through a disable of the EGR valve , DPF and SCR we avoid or even eliminate these problems.

Results are :

• Up to 20% increased performance
• Up to 30% increased torque
• 5% - 15% increased fuel efficiency
• Prolonged life of the engine, due to increased efficiencies
• No more downtime due to defective components

Kess Interface Kit is Required For The Tuning Process

we can offer you performance tuning and chip tuning for most agriculture And Construction Models . Our tuning and ECU remapping software is developed By The Most experienced engineers in the market .

The tuning we offer is fully custom, written by our team of technical engineers, this means we can adapt the tuning we offer for your specific needs, requirements and modifications. So this is not just off the shelf tuning – but custom to each vehicles and customer, Customization of our tuning and remapping can include tailoring for large injector tuning, larger Intercoolers, large turbo and supercharger modifications and conversions, air induction and performance exhaust systems, as well as other upgrades.



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