Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.41 – Latest Version !

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Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.41 - Latest Version ! -Full Online installation !!

 Online Installation And Activation!

The Doosan Excavator/Wheel Loader Monitoring Program (also called DMS-3”) offers the following functions by connecting Controller (EPOS or VCU) with the users IBM PC or compatible PC. 1. Monitoring: You can monitor the current status of equipment installed with Controller (EPOS or VCU). 2. Graph Output: The major excavator/Wheel Loader sensor data will be displayed in a graph format. The data can be saved in the hard disk. You can check the excavator/Wheel Loaders performance through data comparison and analysis. 3. Force Operation: You can use vehicle diagnosis by forcing Controller (EPOS or VCU) outputs. 4. Diagnosis: You can check the real-time and past malfunction history maintained by Controller (EPOS or VCU). 5. History Data: You can analyze the work patterns when using an excavator/Wheel Loader, by checking the operation hours, filter/oil information, and daily operation information. Hardware connection A separate communication cable is required to establish communication between Controller (EPOS or VCU). and external PC. The communication cable should be connected to the excavator/Wheel Loaders maintenance connector and user PCs Serial port. DMS Help File VBO Diagnostic Tool Manual English The DMS-3 program support the following excavator and wheel loader models: Doosan Excavator No Model name DX140LC-3 DX140LCR-3 DX140W-3 DX170W-3 DX180LC-3 DX190W-3 DX210W-3 DX210LCR-3 DX225LC-3 DX255LC-3 DX300LC-3 DX340LC-3 DX350LC-3 DX350LCY-3 DX380LC-3 DX420LC-3 DX490LC-3 DX700LC-3 DX140LC-5 DX140LCR-5 DX180LC-5 DX220LC-5 DX230LCN-5 DX230LCR-5 DX250LC-5 DX300LC-5 DX340LC-5 DX380LC-5 DX420LC-5 DX490LC-5 DX140W-5 DX170W-5 DX190W-5 DX210W-5 Doosan Wheel loader No Model name DL200-3 DL250-3 DL300-3 DL300-3 (eMCV) DL350-3 DL350-3 (eMCV) DL400-3 DL400-3 (eMCV) DL450-3 DL450-3 (eMCV) DL550-3 DL550-3 (eMCV) DL200-5 DL250-5 DL300-5 DL300-5 (eMCV) DL350-5 DL350-5 (eMCV) DL400-5 DL400-5 (eMCV) DL450-5 DL450-5 (eMCV) DL550-5 DL550-5 (eMCV) DX120-9C DX220LC-9C DX340LC-9C DX380LC-9C DX420LC-9C DX500LC-9C DX190WA DX210WA DX225LCA DX225NLCA DX260LCA DX300LCA DX340LCA DX420LCA DX480LCA DX700LCA DX55W-5 Korea DX55W-5 China DX55W-5 EU DX55-5 Korea DX55-5 China DX55-5 EU

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 Region: All regions
 Languages: English
 OS: VISTA, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win98, Windows 8 x32, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
 Quantity of CD: 1 CD
 Date of update: 7/2015


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