PACCAR MX Engine Complete Diagnostic CF-54 Laptop Kit Include Nexiq USB Link 3 & Davie 4 Software 2023 – 5 Years Original License !

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Original price was: $9,799.Current price is: $6,199.

PACCAR MX Engine Complete Diagnostic Laptop Kit Include Nexiq USB Link 3 & Davie 4 Software 
5 Years Original PACCAR License !!
Include I5 CF-54 Tough Book With SSD Drive For Best Performance !!
Include Original Nexiq CAN 3 - CAN 1 Crossover Adapter For Newest Models !
Include Original Eportal Dealer Login !
PACCAR Davie 4 Is The Latest Dealer Diagnostics Software For All Paccar Engines - DAF , Peterbilt & Kenworth .

Lowest price & Most Cost Effective Deal Online !
100% Genuine Factory Software

PACCAR Davie4 is the software used by dealerships and large fleets across North America. This is the same software as used by dealerships, which allows you to perform dealer level diagnostic commands such as:

  • DPF Regenerations
  • Injector/Cylinder tests
  • DPF & SCR Derate Disable
  • Download log files into PDF or Excel
  • Print and reset trip data
  • and thousands of more commands...

 Some Important Pros :

  • Supports Nexiq Usb-Link 2 - INCLUDED IN KIT 
  • 5 Years Original PACCAR Subscription 
  • Complete Kit - Nothing Else Needed 
  • Full Dealer Level 

CF-54 Tough Book Laptop Specs :

  • Cpu : i5 +-2800Mhz 
  • RAM : 8GB
  • 500Gb SSD Drive For Superb Performance
  • New Battery 
  • Windows 10 UltimateProfessional  64bit
  • Highest Quality Manufacturer Refurbished - All Parts New !

The USB-Link™ 3 comes with the following:

* Latching USB Cable (PN 404032)

* 9-Pin Deutsch Adapter, 1 Meter (PN 493128)

* J1962 Adapter (16-Pin OBD II, 1 Meter (PN 491113)

Davie 4 - PACCAR MX-11 & MX-13 Software Features:

  • Works on Peterbilt & Kenworth
  • Reflash ECU with new calibrations. Calibrations are accessible over-the-internet through the Davie 4 Software.  There is not charge for PACCAR calibrations.
  • Perform and read all diagnostic tests
  • Enable Progressive Shifting
  • Enable Park Brake Reset
  • Enable Air Temp Idle Timer Override
  • Idle Time In PTO Mode
  • Enable Clutch Pedal Position Timer Reset Condition
  • Time Remaining To Shut Down After EIST Warning
  • Enable Accelerator Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Foot Brake Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Clutch Pedal (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable EIST in PTO mode
  • Read, reload & download all snapshot & trip reports
  • Read all chart recorder items
  • Read & clear all fault codes
  • Adjust road speed
  • Download all log files into Excel or PDF files
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • Include Original Eportal With database access to change parameters (such as max vehicle speed) Online or reflash the electronic control module.
  • NOTE: Davie 4 does require internet connection while in use. For roadside service applications, use the hot-spot on your cell phone to establish an internet connection.
  • NOTE: Factory PACCAR repair manuals are not included with this subscription

    We reserve the right to change / update software or pricing w/o prior notice.

 *** This software requires several hours of technician labor time to install on your laptop. It Will Take 3-4 Days After Installation To Receive License From PACCAR  ***


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